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Welcome to Kyle, Texas – a great little city located just 22 miles South of Austin and 53 miles northeast of San Antonio.

Kyle was founded in the late 1800′s by townsfolk from the nearby villages of Mountain City and Blanco.

Kyle derives its name from Captain Fergus Kyle.  His family, together with the family of David Moore donated about 200 cares of land to establish the town site around the time that the International and Great Northern Railroad first constructed a much needed rail line from Austin to San Antonio.  With that, the city of Kyle was born!

Fast forward about 130 years and Kyle is now a thriving and successful community and the home to over 25,000 people as of the 2007 census.  Contrast this with just over 5,000 people in the early 2000′s and it’s easy to understand why Kyle is now the 5th fastest growing community in the entire State!

Kyle is the second largest city in Hays County and is strategically located close to major highways making it an easy access point for most major cities in Texas and a great place to live and conduct business.

If you are looking for an excellent place to make a living and raise a family in a great environment, then Kyle Texas is the place for you!

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